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Give Me The Fear - Tokyo Dragons (released 26 September 2005)

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Not a live review in any shape or form, but I still felt the need to post something about this album so here it is.

I first heard the TD’s at the ‘Rock In The Castle’ festival in Scarborough and was very impressed by them. They were way down the line-up but immediately got my foot tapping and head nodding as I became absorbed by their set. This album is no different.

This is how I remember rock ‘n roll sounded years ago and hearing it once again is fantastic. It isn’t particularly new, original or ground-breaking but the simple fact is that it sounds GOOD. It’s fast, furious, full of guitars, choruses, solo’s, machismo and good-time vibes, without a ballad in sight. The album consists of 3 or 4 minute blasts of solid rock tunes and the track-list probably says a lot about their style;

1. What The Hell

2. Get 'Em Off

3. Do You Wanna

4. Come On Baby

5. Let It Go

6. Johnny Don't Wanna Ride

7. Teenage Screamers

8. Ready Or Not

9. Burn On

10. Rockin' The Stew

11. Chasing The Night

Obvious influences are numerous and range from glam through to heavier metal with a borrowed punk riff or two. If you mixed early Guns n Roses with Rainbow, Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy you might get something sounding a little like this.

Don’t be put off by the fact they supported Status Quo on tour a while back, this is quality stuff. The Darkness do their polished rock-warbling very well, but this is how I think real rock ‘n roll should sound...

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